Eco-friendly beach

Eco Friendly


Baia Bella has become the first beach in France to be carbon-neutral, according to a report by Allcot, a world leader in the study of carbon emissions.

Concrete actions are deployed on site: solar panels to heat the water, wooden furniture made in Europe, organic and local products, returnable glasses. Shower water and rainwater are also reused to water the plants.

To offset its carbon impact, Baia Bella invests in high-impact environmental projects, including “Durango-EcoMethane”, which supports the production of renewable energy in Mexico from household waste. The second, “Maisa REDD+ Project”, aims to combat deforestation in the Amazon.

To find out more about our environmental approach, download our charter:

Logo qualité tourisme délivré a la plage restaurant baia bella

QUALITÉ TOURISME TM is a trademark created by the French Ministry of Tourism. Professionals who display this mark implement a rigorous quality approach, and undergo regular independent checks on their services. They offer the highest quality of service to meet tourists’ expectations.
Always ready to listen, they are committed to demonstrating
professionalism and offer: a warm, personalized welcome
and personalized welcome, clear and precise information, clean and comfortable spaces, and local knowledge. In 2022 and 2023, Baia Bella beach will be awarded the Qualité Tourisme label.
La bel clé verte délivré à la plage restaurant baia bella en 2022 2023

The Clef Verte tourism ecolabel is the first international sustainable tourism label for tourist accommodation and restaurants. Implementation of an environmental policy and a socially responsible approach, intelligent waste management (reduction at source, collection and recycling), control of energy and water consumption, responsible purchasing (particularly for food and maintenance), active customer awareness. In 2022 and 2023, Baia Bella beach will be awarded the Green Key label.

Allcot is a seasoned project developer who offers his expertise in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction initiatives to actively combat the climate crisis. He develops emission reduction projects in various sectors (Forester, waste, renewable energy) and supports companies in improving their sustainable development performance.

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